Quick Look at Energize Eastside 

The Eastside has grown and it's time for our infrastructure to catch up. These videos provide a brief overview of Energize Eastside. 


Energize Eastside Preferred Route Overview

In this video, we take a step back and look at where the project has been, where we are now, and how the feedback we’ve heard has guided our preferred route Willow 2. Watch the video to learn more about the preferred route. 


2015 Energize Eastside Overview

This brief video provides an overview of some key facts about Energize Eastside. 


2015 Fieldwork overview and update

This brief video reviews where PSE is in the Energize Eastside fieldwork process with a detailed look at geotechnical investigations. 


2014 Load Forecast

This in-depth video discusses how Puget Sound Energy regularly updates the load forecast and what the most recent load forecast means for the Energize Eastside project. 


Eastside Need and Solution

This video explains how growing demand has created a problem for Eastside customers and why Energize Eastside is the right solution for that problem. 


Eastside Need Animated Infographic

This brief video provides an overview of the Eastside’s electrical system and explains how the Energize Eastside project will provide redundancy for Puget Sound Energy’s Eastside customers. 


Energize Eastside Outreach

This video explores some of the discussions surrounding the community routing process and ways community members have been engaged with Energize Eastside in early 2014.


Undergrounding and EMF Webinar

This webinar provided an in-depth presentation and question and answer session to address questions about undergrounding transmission lines and electric and magnetic fields. 

Note: Audio technical issues delayed the initial start of the webinar. However, the webinar is presented in its entirety.

Download a PDF of the slides used during the webinar.

Webinar supplemental materials


Energize Eastside Overview Animation

If you live on the Eastside, you’re part of a vibrant region – one of the fastest growing in the state. This brief project overview explains what the Energize Eastside project is and why we need to act now to update the infrastructure that powers our lives. 


Energize Eastside Overview

This in-depth video introduces the Energize Eastside project, demonstrates the dramatic growth Eastside communities have experienced and discusses how to upgrade the Eastside’s aging, strained electric system to support continued growth for many years to come.