Public Engagement

In 2014, PSE engaged the community in a public routing discussion for Energize Eastside. Through the Community Advisory Group process, open houses, neighborhood meetings, briefings and comments, we learned about community values and concerns about the project. The results of this process are shown in the sections below.

We appreciate the community's input and ongoing interest in Energize Eastside. We are committed to keeping the community informed about the project. To learn more about our current efforts, visit the Latest News.

Community Advisory Group

To provide a forum that would generate robust input from diverse community stakeholders, PSE convened a 24-member Community Advisory Group to consider community values when evaluating transmission line route options. The advisory group spent a year learning about the Eastside’s electrical system, participating in meetings and workshops, and evaluating 18 route options identified by PSE.

The Community Advisory Group completed their work on Dec. 10, 2014 and selected the Oak and Willow routes as their final recommendation for PSE's consideration.

Throughout the process, the Community Advisory Group:

  • Learned about the factors involved in developing the possible route segments
  • Developed an understanding of what segment combinations make up viable route options
  • Narrowed those route options from 18 to two
  • Finalized a route recommendation for PSE’s consideration

For background information, take a look at the Community Advisory Group Final Report summarizing the Community Advisory Group’s process and final recommendation.

Sub-Area Committees

In spring 2014, the Community Advisory Group was informed by three Sub-Area Committees focused on the following geographic areas:

  • North: Kirkland, Redmond and North Bellevue
  • Central: Bellevue
  • South: Newcastle and Renton

The Sub-Area Committees developed findings on specific sub-area values, concerns and considerations to inform the Community Advisory Group’s work.

Community meetings and events

PSE held numerous community meetings to share information about the project and collect input from the community about route options, evaluation factors and the Community Advisory Group’s preliminary route recommendation.

The Energize Eastside team was out and about in the community throughout spring and summer 2014 at festivals and community events. At these events, the team met Eastside residents, while sharing the latest information and answering questions about the project. For background information, see the 2014 spring-summer community events outreach summary.

Take a look at the meeting materials page to review materials from previous Community Advisory Group, sub-area and public meetings.

We're listening

Since launching the project, we’ve heard from nearly 2,000 people during the Community Advisory Group process, at open houses, at meetings, and through comments. We are continuing to meet with individual homeowners, tenants, and business owners along the existing corridor to discuss property-specific design and tree replacement plans. These conversations help us refine our design and better understand customer interests and concerns. Visit our property owners page to learn more about how we are working with property owners along the corridor.