Working with Property Owners

The Energize Eastside project is building a new substation and upgrading the existing transmission lines from Redmond to Renton. On this page you’ll find resources for property owners who live near the project.

Where we are today

  • Construction to build the new Richards Creek substation in south Bellevue began in September 2020. Learn more about our substation construction plans.
  • We continue to meet with property owners along the existing corridor to discuss the project and landscaping and tree replacement plans.
  • We have received permits for the portions of the project in Renton, south Bellevue, Newcastle, and Redmond. We have submitted the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application for the portion of the project in north Bellevue.
  • PSE is building and energizing the new Richards Creek substation in Bellevue and upgrading the transmission lines starting from the south. Energize Eastside will be built in phases, depending on the permitting timeline in each city. Construction began in Renton in September 2021 and is ongoing in south Bellevue.
  • We’ll keep property owners and the community up to date on project progress.

Stay connected

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For general project questions or to schedule a meeting to discuss your property, call our info line at 1-800-548-2614, ext. 1

We’ve been working with property owners and the public since 2014

  • In 2014, we engaged the community in a public routing discussion for Energize Eastside through the Community Advisory Group process, open houses, neighborhood meetings, briefings and comments. Learn more about the public route discussion process.
  • Since 2015, PSE and our contractors have completed a variety of surveys to inform the environmental review process, project design, and permit submittals. Visit our fieldwork page to learn more.
  • In 2016, the Energize Eastside project team visited neighborhoods along the existing corridor and Factoria area to talk with residents and business owners about the project. Later that year, PSE began meeting with property owners and tenants to discuss property-specific details. Property owner conversations helped us refine our project design and better understand customer interests and concerns.
  • In 2017, PSE selected the existing corridor as the final route for the project.
  • PSE continues to meet with property owners and tenants along the existing corridor to discuss property-specific details and tree replacement plans.

Guiding principles

When working with property owners and tenants, PSE’s guiding principles for Energize Eastside include:

  • Act as a responsible neighbor.
  • Be specific in our commitments.
  • Communicate early and regularly with the community about the project.
  • Minimize disruptions to the community as much as practical and provide mitigation when appropriate and/or necessary.

Meet with PSE

Let’s talk about landscaping and tree replacement planning for the Energize Eastside project. We would like to meet with you to discuss these plans and get your feedback.

New to the project?

Visit our overview page to learn key facts about Energize Eastside.

Links to helpful documents for property owners:

Visit our library page to review all project documents.