We’ll keep the latest project documents here, to keep you informed about the project from start to finish. 

The basics

Studies show we need to upgrade the Eastside’s electric infrastructure

Project Fact Sheets: 

Project Quick Facts

Corridor Safety Fact Sheet

Construction Fact Sheet

Project Life Cycle Fact Sheet

Additional documents

Fall 2020 Newsletter

Summer 2018 Sample Plant Palette

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Fall 2017 Vegetation Management Standards

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Undergrounding FAQs

April 2017 Newsletter

December 2016 Other Solutions Studied Fact Sheet

October 2016 Planning and Regulations Fact Sheet

July 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter

November 2015 Newsletter

Summer 2015 Fieldwork Fact Sheet

March 2015 Newsletter

Community Advisory Group Final Report

Winter 2015 Newsletter

2014 Spring-Summer Community Events Outreach Summary

Summer 2014 Newsletter

Spring 2014 Sub-Area Committee Online Survey Summary

December 2013 Newsletter


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Meeting Materials

Open House and Community Advisory Group meeting materials are available on the Meeting Materials page.

Project Studies

Puget Sound Energy has commissioned several studies to help guide our project development and route selection processes for the Energize Eastside project. Below is a list of completed studies.

For additional studies related to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) please visit

Study Author Description

Energize Eastside AC Interference Analysis - 230 kV Transmission Line Collocated with Olympic Pipelines OPL16 & OPL20

Related document: Letter from Marc Horn, President of Olympic Pipe Line Company


DNV GL’s detailed study considered project-specific variables associated with the upgraded transmission lines and Olympic’s pipelines

Needs assessment executive summary

Needs assessment report (redacted)* 2013

Supplemental needs assessment report (redacted)* 2015

PSE and Quanta Technology

Explains the need for the Energize Eastside project

Solutions report executive summary

Solutions report (redacted)* 2014

Supplemental solutions report (redacted)* 2015

PSE and Quanta Technology

Describes potential options for solving the identified problem, and details the preferred solution

Opportunity and constraints executive summary

Opportunity and constraints report

Tetra Tech

Details how PSE identified the project study area, identified potential route segments and narrowed down route segments to the ones presented to the public

Non-wires solution analysis


Explores the feasibility of solving the identified problem without constructing a new transmission line

Underground feasibility study
- Appendix A - Aerial Route Drawings (part 1)
- Appendix A - Aerial Route Drawings (part 2)
- Appendix B - Typical Detail Drawings

POWER Engineers

Describes the feasibility of installing the transmission line underground

POWER Engineers

Analyzes the feasibility of installing the transmission line underwater


Strategen Consulting

Assesses the feasibility of using energy storage (i.e., batteries) to meet the Eastside's electrical reliability need


Assesses the economic impacts of taking no action to upgrade the Eastside's electrical system

Energize Eastside EMF Calculations and Report

POWER Engineers

Details findings from the Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) investigation for the Energize Eastside project route options

Addendum to Energize Eastside EMF Calculations and Report

POWER Engineers

Addendum details findings from the Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) investigation for the Willow 1 route with both lines operating at 230 kV

*The redacted version is being shared because the full report contains Critical Energy Infrastructure Information that cannot be shared publicly according to the Federal Energy Regulation Commission. For rule details, please visit this link. The redacted information does not change the overall conclusions of the reports.

**Additional reports may be completed as necessary to support the environmental review process.