Environmental Review and Permitting

PSE is committed to minimizing environmental effects that can result from our construction, operation and maintenance of electric transmission lines. When effects cannot be avoided, PSE provides appropriate restoration or mitigation.

We will use the following standards to guide our practices for protecting the environment. We will:

  • Strive to continuously improve our performance
  • Integrate environmental and economic considerations into our project planning and development
  • Ensure that the potential environmental effects of the project are effectively identified, assessed, minimized and managed
  • Be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the communities we serve 

Environmental review

In March 2018, the Partner Cities completed the environmental review process required under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The nearly three-year-long process for Energize Eastside concluded with the publication of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The EIS process provides an independent evaluation of reasonable alternatives, potential impacts, and possible mitigation measures associated with the project. The process included multiple opportunities for public comment.

The City of Bellevue led the environmental review process in partnership with the cities of Kirkland, Newcastle, Redmond and Renton. To review the Final EIS and learn more about the environmental review process, visit EnergizeEastsideEIS.org.


We have received permits for the southern portion of the project in Renton and south Bellevue. Additionally, we have submitted Conditional Use Permit (CUP) applications for the northern portion of the project in north Bellevue and Redmond.

For the latest news on permitting, visit Latest News.