Route Options Considered

PSE’s Energize Eastside will power the Eastside's growth into the future

In order to develop route options, we identified potential route segments between Renton and Redmond. To help identify these route segments, we took into account not only electrical feasibility, but dozens of non-electrical factors, like geographic barriers, land uses and impacts on the environment.

Please read the Project Constraint and Opportunity Study for Linear Site Selection Executive Summary for background information.

Working with the community to determine a route

In December 2013, PSE announced the project and began a multi-year community outreach effort to share information and to review and gather feedback on potential route options. We also collaborated with local cities, residents, businesses and a 24-member Community Advisory Group.

Through the public route discussion process, the Community Advisory Group selected the Oak and Willow routes as their final recommendation for PSE's consideration. Our final route is one of the two routes recommended by the Community Advisory Group.

PSE’s decision was shaped by community input through the Community Advisory Group process, open houses, neighborhood and stakeholder briefings, detailed engineering analysis, the Cities’ Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process, property owner meetings, and nearly 3,000 comments and questions.

Route options studied

Through the Cities' Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process, we continued to listen and identified four route options that primarily use the existing transmission line corridor: Oak 1, Willow 1, Oak 2 and Willow 2. Two additional route options were developed and studied in the EIS to reduce permitting risk to the project: the East Bellevue Community Council bypass routes. Visit our archived maps page to review these route options.

We selected the existing corridor as our final route

After nearly four years of study and extensive dialogue with Eastside communities, PSE selected the existing corridor “Willow 1” route as the final route to permit for Energize Eastside.

PSE evaluated multiple route options and selected the existing corridor because it is the least impactful route to Eastside communities. Click here to learn more about the final route.

For more information about permitting, click here.