- Spring 2018 Project Update

2018 is a big year for upgrading the Eastside's electric grid

Icon of a leaf Environmental review complete

The extensive, multi-year environmental review process recently wrapped up with publication of the Partner Cities’ Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The nearly 5,000-page Final EIS affirms that the project can be safely built and operated and that by replacing poles and wires along the existing corridor, we limit impacts on Eastside communities. To learn more about the Final EIS, visit EnergizeEastsideEIS.org.

Tree iconMaking plans for trees and envisioning the future

Spring is here, and we’re meeting with property owners along the existing corridor to develop landscape and tree replacement plans! These plans illustrate how we’ll restore yards and replace trees once the project is complete. Our goal is for there to be more trees when the project is complete, not fewer.

Icon of compiled documents Permitting process is underway

Permit applications for the southern portion of the project, which includes the new Richards Creek substation and the upgraded transmission lines in south Bellevue, Newcastle and Renton, are already under review by their respective cities. The next major permit applications to be submitted are for the northern portion of the project in Bellevue and Redmond.

Construction worker iconOnce we have permits, construction will follow

Project construction will start with the southern portion, which is anticipated to begin later this year. Once the southern portion is complete, we’ll continue with construction of the northern portion.

We’ll keep property owners and the community up to date on project progress.


Thank you to our customers

As Energize Eastside continues through permitting and moves into construction this year, I want to thank the community for engaging with PSE on this critical project. PSE’s core mission is to efficiently deliver safe, dependable electricity to homes, businesses and communities.

PSE’s core mission is to efficiently deliver safe, dependable electricity to homes, businesses and communities. Four years ago, our studies — confirmed by independent experts— revealed our transmission grid is strained today under peak conditions, just at the time when our customers need reliable power the most.

Community feedback has helped us understand customer concerns, shaped the project design, and guided our route decision. This engagement continues today through property owner conversations, stakeholder briefings, and permitting meetings. 

We appreciate the extensive dialogue and understand that building an infrastructure project of this magnitude has an impact on our communities. Yet, an unreliable electric grid affects everyone, including hospitals, first responders, schools, businesses, and residents. Energize Eastside will ensure reliable power for the Eastside’s innovative, growing communities.

Thank you,

Booga GilbertsonSenior Vice President of Operations, PSE

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About Energize Eastside

The backbone of the Eastside’s electric grid was last upgraded in the 1960s. Since then, our population has grown eight-fold, and now the grid is being pushed beyond its capacity.

PSE’s Energize Eastside project will build a new substation and upgrade existing transmission lines in the existing transmission line corridor. Along with continued electric conservation, Energize Eastside will keep the lights on for years to come.