- PSE submits last major permit application for south half

Energize Eastside continues to move forward, with the permitting process in full swing for the south half of the project. PSE has submitted Conditional Use Permit (CUP) applications in south Bellevue, Newcastle, and now Renton. Permits are needed so PSE can build and energize the project this year. 

We expect the cities will take action on these permit applications after the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is published (anticipated in early 2018). The next major applications to be submitted will be for the northern portion of the project in Bellevue and Redmond.


Let’s talk – meet with us to discuss tree replacement planning for Energize Eastside

PSE continues to meet with property owners along the existing transmission line corridor to talk about property-specific design, landscaping and tree replacement planning. Our goal is for there to be more trees when the project is complete, not fewer.

Landscape and tree replacement plans (like the example shown on the right) are in development to help property owners envision how their yard could look once the project is complete. 

To schedule a meeting to discuss your property, call our info line at 1-800-548-2614, ext. 1. 

Learn more

  • For details about PSE’s final route, which replaces poles along the existing transmission line corridor, review our announcement and video.
  • View photo simulations to see what the new transmission lines might look like.