- Cities issue Final EIS; Energize Eastside moves another step closer to construction

With publication of the Cities’ Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), PSE’s Energize Eastside project moves another step closer to construction and a more reliable electric grid. The Final EIS is the culmination of an extensive, nearly three-year-long environmental review process.

While we are still reviewing all the details in the Final EIS — more than 4,800 pages in length — it affirms that the project can be safely built and operated and that by replacing poles and wires along the existing corridor, we limit impacts to Eastside communities.

We appreciate the thoroughness of the analyses conducted by the Partner Cities and the EIS Team, along with the comments shared by community members and other stakeholders. The EIS process was led by the City of Bellevue in partnership with the cities of Kirkland, Newcastle, Redmond and Renton. 

Permitting review underway, construction to follow

With completion of the environmental review process, we will continue to work through the permitting process in each jurisdiction. Permits are needed so PSE can build the project. Each permitting agency will use the EIS analysis to inform and support their decision-making process for permits. The next major permit applications to be submitted are for the northern portion of the project in Bellevue and Redmond.

We anticipate beginning construction once we have received our permits for the southern portion of the project. Project construction will start with the new Richards Creek substation and the upgraded transmission lines in south Bellevue, Newcastle and Renton. Construction will then continue with the northern transmission lines in Bellevue and Redmond.

PSE is committed to designing, building and operating the project safely to protect our customers, crews, and the communities we work in. We will continue to keep property owners and the community informed of our progress.

Learn more

  • The Final EIS provides an independent evaluation of the project, the limited potential impacts, and associated recommended mitigation measures. To view the Final EIS and learn more about the environmental review process under the State Environmental Policy Act, visit EnergizeEastsideEIS.org.
  • Energize Eastside will build a new substation and upgrade existing transmission lines from Renton to Redmond in the same transmission line corridor that has served Eastside communities for more than 80 years. Together with continued aggressive electric conservation, Energize Eastside will keep the lights on for years to come. View photo simulations of the existing corridor and what the upgraded transmission lines might look like.
  • PSE continues to meet with property owners along the existing transmission line corridor in advance of construction to talk about property-specific design, landscaping and tree replacement planning. To schedule a meeting to discuss your property, call our info line at 1-800-548-2614, ext. 1.