What steps is PSE taking to help ensure Energize Eastside will operate safely with Olympic Pipeline in the existing corridor?

Safety is our top priority. Our engineers are rigorously analyzing the design for Energize Eastside to ensure safe construction and operation of the line with the shared corridor.  

Newer technology and strict safety requirements allow PSE to build to the highest safety standards, which our design will meet or exceed. We’ve worked with DNV GL, a leading national expert in pipeline safety, to assist in developing design and operational parameters to help ensure the continued safe operation of the co-located utilities. As recommended by DNV GL, PSE will optimize operations and improve safety by operating both lines at 230 kilovolts (kV) within the existing transmission line corridor.

PSE and Olympic Pipe Line Company’s infrastructure have safely co-existed in the existing corridor for decades. Both PSE and Olympic have a strong, mutual interest in the continued protection and safe operation of facilities within the shared corridor. We will be coordinating with Olympic on the design, construction and operation of the upgraded transmission lines. 

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