What about electric and magnetic fields (EMF)?

Electric and magnetic fields, or EMF, are found wherever there is electricity – in household wiring, electrical appliances, computers or power lines. Over the past 45 years, there have been many scientific studies conducted to determine if EMF has any effect on human health. To date, the scientific community has concluded that current evidence does not support the existence of any health consequences from exposure to EMF.

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process also studied EMF. For more information about EMF in the Phase 2 Draft EIS, visit EnergizeEastsideEIS.org.

At PSE, safety is always our top priority and we are committed to keeping our customers informed. We understand that local residents may still wish to learn more. PSE has hired Drew Thatcher – an independent, board-certified health physicist – to address more specific EMF questions. If you or your neighbors would like to ask questions of Drew, the Energize Eastside team would be happy to connect you with him for more information. Read more about EMF in the detailed findings from the Electric and Magnetic Field (EMF) investigation for the Energize Eastside project route options.

For more details about EMF studies, exposure limits and PSE’s approach to EMF, visit pse.com/pages/electromagnetic-fields.