Has PSE selected a final route?

After nearly four years of study and extensive dialogue with Eastside communities, PSE has selected the existing corridor “Willow 1” route as the final route to permit for Energize Eastside.

PSE evaluated multiple route options and selected the existing corridor because it is the least impactful route to Eastside communities. Our decision to use the existing corridor was guided by two key factors:

  1. Our commitment to safety. The project will be built and operated to the highest safety and engineering standards. Using the existing corridor, along with optimized designs and operations, the project can safely co-exist with the Olympic Pipeline.
  2. Our commitment to limit impacts to the environment. This route affects the fewest number of trees and avoids the construction of new corridors. We know our customers value trees. Our goal is for there to bemore trees when the project is complete, not fewer. 

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