What steps will PSE and Olympic take during and after construction to keep me and my family safe?

Our engineers will work closely with Olympic on a safe construction plan that may include:

  • Having an Olympic representative on-site to monitor construction activities near the pipeline
  • Installing temporary fencing or other markers around the pipeline area
  • Placing temporary protective cover (i.e., steel plates) over the pipeline to mitigate excessive load from heavy equipment
  • Using specialized equipment or hand-digging within close proximity to the pipeline


Having worked with Olympic for decades, PSE knows firsthand that Olympic employs stringent standard operating practices, including:

  • Using a cathodic protection system to suppress corrosion
  • Meeting with Olympic’s Damage Prevention Team on site at the start of the project and weekly thereafter if a project is within 100 feet of the pipeline to reinforce established safety protocols
  • Requiring a Damage Prevention Team to be on site during any excavation within 10 feet of the pipeline


Once construction ends, PSE and Olympic's safety coordination continues through day-to-day operations and ongoing communication. This includes ongoing communication to keep each other informed of activity in the corridor. Additionally, Olympic regularly inspects its pipeline and monitors its operation 24 hours a day.