What about reports I've seen saying that Energize Eastside is not needed?

You may have heard varying views about the need for the Energize Eastside project, specifically the Lauckhart-Schiffman Load Flow Study. This study has made a number of claims and assumptions that are simply inaccurate.

The Lauckhart-Schiffman Load Flow Study is flawed on several levels, including:

  • The study erroneously interprets power flows to Canada
  • The study fails to stress the electric system as required by federal standards
  • The study underestimates the growth rate for the Eastside
  • There is no local generation in Bellevue
  • The study confuses planning standards with day-to-day operations
  • The Lauckhart-Schiffman study ignores prior studies
  • The study reaches irrational conclusions

The multiple inaccuracies in this study lead to an erroneous conclusion about the need for the project, which are described in detail here.